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Sudi’s Subway Series is an on-going project begun in 2009. Photos of actual New York City subway interiors are combined with drawings of actual passengers.

Sudi discovered that riding the subway in a multicultural city like New York is very inspiring. Her 40-year background as a painter, sculptor and cartoonist inspired her to develop a new style for this series which is neither surrealistic nor realistic, and neither caricature or cartoon.

Utilizing her newly created style, Sudi is able to capture the essence of everyday life in the subway. She represents people coming from all different economic levels, rich and poor, with different cultural backgrounds, psychologies, behaviors and attitudes. Sudi observes how people were accepting of each other’s totally opposite cultures and how they all consider themselves to be part of New York culture.

Sudi sees the cold, boring and mechanical reality of subway riding through the eyes of an artist, creating a new world that is all about love and a passion for life. She believes these passengers remind us of the warmth of deep love between parent and child, the beauty of attraction between lovers, and the sadness, hopelessness, frustration and other emotions which help us grow and become more compassionate towards others.

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